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The Tome Ep 67: 4e DMG and MM

profile.jpgThe 4th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual are 2/3rds of the core books for 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons. In this episode William Pall and Jeff Greiner take an in depth look at what we like and what we question about these two books focused on making the job of being a DM easier.

If we missed something, you had a question, you agree or disagree, please swing by the forums and let us know. We would also like to hear about your experiences playing 4e D&D.

Also, we are officially in the midst of the Tome's Summer 2008 Contest. Swing by the website and enter to win a prize package that is growing regularly.

Our promo this time around is for RPG If you want to find gaming podcasts this is seriously the place to do it.

Be sure to check out our cooperative shows, Fist Full of Comics and Games as well as Gamer's Haven.

The Tome Ep 66: 4e Player’s Handbook

profile.jpgThe 4e Player's Handbook review is upon you! William Pall returns and joins your regular Tome Host for an in depth look at the 4e Player's Handbook. If there is anything in the review that's missing, wrong, or confusing, please swing by the forums to discuss it.

Also the Tome officially starts the 2008 Summer Contest. Check out the Contest link on the website in order to enter and learn more about the prize support brought to you by the contest sponsors.

The promo for this episode is from Pulp Gamer. Great show, plus they are my employers for Origins this year. So they get extra props for that.

Don't forget the other members of the co-operative. Fist Full of Comics and Games and Gamer's Haven.

The Tome Ep 65: Swordmage

profile.jpgSwordmage is the first D&D novel based in the new 4th edition system. Not only does Gabe Gregoire and myself review the novel but we also chatted with the author, Richard Baker.

You can find Richard's Blog here. Dungeons and Dragons is here. You can buy the book here: And of course the Candlekeep forums, the place to be if you're looking at the Forgotten Reams (and here is the Tome Forums where we also discuss these things).

Naturally you should check out the Basics of the Game.

And as usual be sure to stop by Fist Full of Comics and Games as well as Gamer's Haven (if nothing else swing by the Actual Play section to hear the rest of the Shadowfell recording).

The Tome Ep 64: Shadowfell AP 2

profile.jpgThe feedback was very positive from the last Actual Play episode. So here is part two. From here on out, however, if you want the rest of this I think it's easiest to just head over to the Gamer's Haven AP page where you can enjoy all that they have to offer.

More 4e stuff coming soon so we can get back to what will become the regular format of the show now that the 4th edition of Dungeons and Dragons has launched!

The Tome Ep 63: 4e Core First Glance

profile.jpgWilliam Pall is back to bring us an early look at the 4th Edition core books (Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, and Monster Manual). This is just a skimming of the coverage you can expect in the next month for 4th edition, but it will also probably be the last episode for a week or two while your humble Tome Host moves 1200 miles.

If you want to order your 4th edition books you can click below or check out the Tome's Amazon Store.

There is once again no promo, but you can check out RPG Podcasts, Goblin, and the Fist Full of Comics and Games Cooperative for more great gaming shows.

Be sure to visit the forums to join in the discussion and email the show with your feedback.

The Tome Ep 62: Shadowfell AP1

profile.jpgThe Tome brings you it's first ever Actual Play episode where you can get your first taste of running a game in 4th Edition. For those not in the know Actual Play (AP) is a recording of an entire game session. So it is long, it is mostly unedited (sorry about language issues if that offends), and it is entertaining if you can give that much time to listening. The group is from Gamer's Haven and arranged by Ethan from that show.

You can buy the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure at the Tome's Amazon store or by clicking here...

There is no promo...the episode is already 4 hours long.

Please swing by the forum or email the show and let me know if you'd like to hear the rest of the Shadowfell AP from Ethan and the gang or if you'd like me to just direct you to the rest of the adventure and proceed with other things. I'm eager for your feedback.

The Tome is a member of Goblin, the FFoCaG cooperative, and is listed at RPG Podcasts.

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