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The Tome Ep 66: 4e Player’s Handbook

June 23, 2008

profile.jpgThe 4e Player's Handbook review is upon you! William Pall returns and joins your regular Tome Host for an in depth look at the 4e Player's Handbook. If there is anything in the review that's missing, wrong, or confusing, please swing by the forums to discuss it.

Also the Tome officially starts the 2008 Summer Contest. Check out the Contest link on the website in order to enter and learn more about the prize support brought to you by the contest sponsors.

The promo for this episode is from Pulp Gamer. Great show, plus they are my employers for Origins this year. So they get extra props for that.

Don't forget the other members of the co-operative. Fist Full of Comics and Games and Gamer's Haven.