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The Tome Ep 65: Swordmage

June 20, 2008

profile.jpgSwordmage is the first D&D novel based in the new 4th edition system. Not only does Gabe Gregoire and myself review the novel but we also chatted with the author, Richard Baker.

You can find Richard's Blog here. Dungeons and Dragons is here. You can buy the book here: And of course the Candlekeep forums, the place to be if you're looking at the Forgotten Reams (and here is the Tome Forums where we also discuss these things).

Naturally you should check out the Basics of the Game.

And as usual be sure to stop by Fist Full of Comics and Games as well as Gamer's Haven (if nothing else swing by the Actual Play section to hear the rest of the Shadowfell recording).