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The Tome Ep 62: Shadowfell AP1

June 2, 2008

profile.jpgThe Tome brings you it's first ever Actual Play episode where you can get your first taste of running a game in 4th Edition. For those not in the know Actual Play (AP) is a recording of an entire game session. So it is long, it is mostly unedited (sorry about language issues if that offends), and it is entertaining if you can give that much time to listening. The group is from Gamer's Haven and arranged by Ethan from that show.

You can buy the Keep on the Shadowfell adventure at the Tome's Amazon store or by clicking here...

There is no promo...the episode is already 4 hours long.

Please swing by the forum or email the show and let me know if you'd like to hear the rest of the Shadowfell AP from Ethan and the gang or if you'd like me to just direct you to the rest of the adventure and proceed with other things. I'm eager for your feedback.

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