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Tome GenCon Special - Design and Dev Seminar Part 2

August 11, 2010

Sarah Darkmagic's Tracy Hurley helped me with this recording of the Design and Development seminar by WotC at GenCon 2010. Part one was released a few days back, be sure to snag that one for a listen. There's a lot of talk about Essentials and other design questions.

Expect a lot of audio this month between all the GenCon audio plus Dark Sun. I'm looking for your comments and questions on those things, plus your GenCon stories on the Tome's Biz-line at 919-BIZ-TOME, or use the widget below.

There are several things in the works for this month and I'd like to hear from you about which seminars you'd be most interested in hearing next. I'll start a thread over at the forums for that purpose.

And our GenCon story from this episode is from Phil "ChattyDM" Menard.

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