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The Tome Ep 85: Wyatt at GenCon

September 28, 2008

tome300x300.jpgGeoffrey D. Winn snagged James Wyatt to talk about the Player's Handbook 2, Manual of the Planes, the Adventurers Vault, Eberron and so much more.

Plus I announced the Secret Code Contest!!!

Participating shows are:

Atomic Array

Ogre Cave Audio Report

Brilliant Gameologists


and the sponsor for the contest, providing 10 $25 gift certificates, is Noble Knight Games.

Email your collection of all the codes from the participating show to before October 17th, 2008 and win! The promo is for the Sellswords of Punjar actual play!

and be sure to swing by the forums and give me your insight into books that will be reviewed in the future. What do you want to know about the Adventurers Vault, Forgotten Realms Campaign/Player Guides, and Player/DM Resources (character sheets, screens, etc.).