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The Tome Ep 41: Complete Scoundrel

January 15, 2008

profile.jpgIn this chapter of the Tome we will be looking at Complete Scoundrel. I received this wonderful review from Patrick and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I'm sure if you don't it will be due to my horrible reading ability, not due to the quality of the review.

I also have reviews in the works for: Grand History of the Realms, Cormyr/Shadowdale/Anarouch, Soulforge/Brothers in Arms, Orc King, Preview: Classes and Races, and more, as well as several interviews that are in the works and more 4e chat between me and Chris Engler. So the Tome has a lot on it's plate right now, which is part of why you have seen so many episodes lately. I'll keep up as long as I can, but this is a very fast pace for me lately, and part of the reason you're getting so much right now is because I have been on a break from work, but that has ended now. So I'm just struggling to keep up with stuff as it comes in to me. Hope you're enjoying it.

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