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The Tome Ep 37 4e Classes

December 12, 2007

profile.jpgIn this episode of the Tome guest co-host Chris Engler and I give you the first and longest part of our discussion of 4th edition news. This one focuses on classes. Information is only from official sources...except, of course, for the opinions expressed in the discussion.

Chris is formerly of the Carpe GM podcast, which has recently ended, but we're hoping that that will mean that we'll see more of him on the Tome.

Don't forget to check out Goblin, the Gaming Broadcast Network and RPG for some great gaming podcast goodness.

Also in this episode you hear a promo for Heart of the Hunter, a free audio book by Sam Chupp.

Please remember that all the news and discussion in this episode is based on information that was current at the time of recording.

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