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The Tome Ep 33: Complete Arcane

November 11, 2007

profile.jpgIt's an oldie but a goodie. That's right, this time around the Tome looks at Complete Arcane with William. He and I actually recorded this over the summer (sooo, so long ago) and it was a lot of fun it just took a long time to make it down the queue and get to you (sorry about that William). But it was a great time and hopefully we'll have more stuff from William in the future.

Of course The Tome is a member of Goblin. And are partners with Fistfull of Comics and Games as well as Gamer's Haven (who recently released an episode featuring me, we got together and did and interview with the folks from Goodman Games East...go check it out).

You also hear a bit from Midnight's Lair. It's a funny little show if you don't mind Canada and aren't intimidated by the length. Check it out.