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The Tome Ep 28: Final Dungeon

September 9, 2007

profile.jpgWelcome to the final review of the print magazine Dungeon, number 150, from Paizo Publishing.

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Also discussed here is where you can find the free preview of the digital versions of Dungeon and Dragon.

You can expect me to get out my review of the final Dragon shortly, as well as a 4e News show to update you on what I've found (you can see a preview of this information at the forums), a theme/advice show where you can hear a story of a failed game and about transitioning to a new edition, plus an interview with James Jacobs of Paizo Publishing...and that's just half of the content that I already have done or planned for. Phew. I have a lot of work to do, hope you guys are still listening. ;-)

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