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The Three-Fold Lake (DnDeBrief 024)

August 11, 2020

The Tome Show is now hosting the D&DeBrief actual play D&D 5e podcast. This is episode 24, if you are not caught up with the story, you can find previous episodes under the Actual Play category at or search the back catalog of the Tome Show using your favorite podcatcher.

D&DeBrief episode 024 - The Three-Fold Lake

Summary: In the aftermath of the battle the group has to prepare for the coming storm. Khonnos and Marcel question Emmeryn's mom while Axley deciphers the book of Proofs. Emmeryn makes plans for their next journey and Khonnos tries to contact his patron to get some needed answers. 

Debrief: In an effort to keep releases fast and fun, DnDeBrief is switching to a new podcast format of roughly 1-hour episodes. As a result, this episode has no debrief. The team is working on a way to get 15 minutes of debrief in every episode! Stay Tuned!

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Maps & Images: 

Island Chain where Trastenfen is located: Map of the Gormer Chain

The region to the West of Trastenfen: Map of West Region

Image of the eye symbol seen on the tunics of the sailors: Eye Symbol

Image of the eye symbol with longer tentacles on the stems: Eye Symbol Extended

Image of the Hokka by @ArtKaree: Hokka 


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