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Tarrasque Takedown: Mike Shea Out for Blood

October 7, 2014
Part I: The Tome Show Presents The Round Table's Tarrasque Takedown: Mike Shea Out for Blood

On Sunday, September 21, 2014, a few Round Tablers got together to find out just what high level play was like in the new fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons. So Mike Shea crafted a grueling combat experience forJames IntrocasoChris DudleyJoe Lastwoski, and Topher Kohan got together to throw down with some D&D's most iconic baddies - including the mother of all destruction, The Tarrasque. You can listen to this podcast or watch their experience on youtube - edited or uncut. Part II (and a rematch with The Tarrasque) is coming soon so be sure to keep checking back here!


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