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Red Dirt D&D Actual Play Group (Round Table 179)

October 19, 2020

Round Table 178: Red Dirt D&D Actual Play Group
Recording Time: 09/24/2020 7:30 pm ET

Get to Know You Question: When did you first start playing RPGs? What game was your first?

In this episode, we meet the cast of Red Dirt D&D, dive into their characters, their world, and what’s it’s like to do an actual-play podcast. Red Dirt D&D is an Oklahoma-based actual-play D&D 5e podcast. Their adventures take place in a completely unique setting called the Ka'alban Frontier, a Southwest-inspired world where cowboys fight dragons and goblins rob trains. Join the players on an epic, weekly journey to uncover the secrets of the Ka'alban Frontier! Red Dirt DnD is a proud participant in Oklahoma City's 2020 Extra Life fundraising event! Every year, Oklahoma gamers come together to raise money for our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital.

Our Fabulous Guests!
Red Dirt D&D

Ashley "Ash" King
Twitter: @lashadowedheart
Instagram: @ash_the_chaosfox

Michael Cross
Twitter: @kosumichaelc
Twitter: @okiegeekpodcast

Brook Bullock
Twitter: @BullockBrook
Instagram - BrookBullock3

Kyri Hester
Twitter: @gingerhalfling
Instagram: @kyridannielle

Johnnie Payne
Twitter: @thejohnniepayne
Instagram: @johnniepayne

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