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Living Tal’dorei (Round Table 176)

September 9, 2020

Round Table 176 - Living Tal’dorei

Recording Time: 03/17/2020 10pm ET
Get to Know You Question: Tell us about your favorite class in 5E and why?

Questions for Guests:
Introduce yourself and tell our audience a bit about you?
What is living Tal’dorei?
What do you mean by “living”? [what is “organized play”]
How is this different from “regular” 5E?
How is this different than regular adventurers league?
Why did you make these decisions?
Do you have special events?
How did this all get started?
What are your “build guidelines” and “campaign rules”?
You’re on season 2. How did Season 1 go? Do people need to play S1 before S2?
What lessons did you learn that surprised you?
What went really well?
What did you learn that you needed to change?
What conventions did you go to last year?
You did a Store tour as well? What was that like?
How do people get involved?
How do I run/play?
How to help the campaign?
What does the future hold?

Our Fabulous Guests!
Phil Cole
Blas Javier

Living Tal’dorei


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