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Layout & Editing - Behind the Scenes in TTRPGs (Tome Roundtable 177)

October 5, 2020

Round Table 177 - Layout & Editing - Behind the Scenes in TTRPGs
Recording Time: 9/8/2020 6:30pm CT

Get to Know You Question: What is your favorite setting and why?

Questions for Guests: 
Tell our guests what you do in the world of TTRPGs?
How did you get started out doing layout/editing?
Did you always dream of doing this kind of work?
What are the most common mistakes that creators make that are easy to avoid?
AND how can creators create better documents so things are easier on the editors/layout?What’s one project you worked on that you never would have imagined doing?
Laura - What was it like working on Eberron with Keith?
Joshua - Can you tell us a bit about Sina Una?
How do you find new work?
Is this your full time job? Do you want it to be your full-time job? Can one make a living doing this?
What would you say to anyone interested in getting into editing/layout for TTRPGs?
You both maintain a pretty active Twitter presence. Would you say that’s important for anyone wanting to be well-known in TTRPGs? Other social media platforms?

Our Fabulous Guests!
Name Laura Hirsbrunner
Twitter: @laura_hirsb

Name Joshua Mendenhall
Twitter: @HTTPaladin

Writing With Style
Sina Una 


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