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Round Episode 154 Minis and Terrain

June 5, 2017

And the Round Table is cak with Episode 154!!! The topic today? Minis and Terrain: Talking to DM Jim and David Whitehead about miniatures, D&D scenery and using 3d printing to make it all happen

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1) Topher Kohan (Host)


Twitter: @TopherATL


2) James (jim) Floyd Kelly (Guest 1)


Skype: james.floyd.kelly

Twitter: @jamesfloydkelly

Facebook: James Floyd Kelly 


Channel:   Game Terrain Engineering

3) David Whitehead (Guest 2)


Twitter: @davewhitehead


Skype: david,whitehead

Other: I got nuthin’. 


Get to know you Question:

"Theater of the mind when is it the best" 

Topic 1)

Wikids Unpainted miniatures:

Topic 2)

3D printing and D&D & using “terrain” in 5e

Fat Dragon Games:

Dwarven Forge:

D&D Minis:

Topic 3)

James show Game Terrain Engineering:

Wyloch’s Armory:

Black Magic Craft:

The DMs Craft:

(his first video: Craft your own dungeon tiles quickly and cheaply for D&D (the DM's Craft, Ep 1, pt 1)

The DMG info:


Dungeons & Dragons Classics