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D&D V&G 5 - Stronghold

March 20, 2015
The D&D V&G Crew are joined by Round Table Host and overall Great Guy James Introcaso to discuss Stronghold, a 1993 city builder/RTS sim hybrid game.  Before the discussion can get really get underway, however, the boys find themselves magically transported back to 1993 by a Time Wizard!  Will 1993 RudyAlexVegasGreg, and James (who somehow all retain their ages and adult maturities yet no knowledge of future games) show Stronghold some love for being so unique among its contemporaries?  Or will they chastise and awkwardly compare it to games that they haven't played since they were 4-8 years old?  Will this Time Wizard character be returning in future episodes or is it going to be just a stupid, clearly last-minute one-off appearance?

Tune in to find out!  Also rate and review us on iTunes, it helps a boat load!

Next Month's Game: Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone

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