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All Things Alan Patrick (Round Table 174)

March 30, 2020

All Things Alan Patrick!

Recording Time: 02/23/2020
Get to Know You Question:
What’s your favorite D&D monster? Why?

Questions for Guests:
How did you get here? Our audience wants to know your career path to go from just a guy to being an author and administrator
Tell us about your involvement in Organized Play.
Tell us about your writing. What advice do you have for new authors? What’s the best way to break into publishing?
Tell us about the Kyuss series of adventures? What draws you to Kyuss?
What’s your most recent publication? Pipyap
Tell us about the Hell, Michigan event.
This is the golden age of D&D. What factors do you think have led up to that renaissance?
You once had a game store. What’s up with that?
You live the con life. What cons do you go to? What are some of your favorites?

Our Fabulous Guest!
Name: Alan Patrick

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