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The Appendix N Podcast - Episode 42 - The Carnelian Cube by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt

The Appendix N Podcast - Episode 42 - The Carnelian Cube by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt
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Murray Fletcher Pratt
April 25, 1897 (Buffalo, NY) - June 10, 1956 (age 59)
Lyon Sprague de Camp
November 27, 1907 - November 6, 2000 (age 92)
“The Carnelian Cube”
(hardcover) Gnome Press, 1948
(paperback) Lancer Books, 1967
Louis Brenton
twitter - @revlouisbrenton
website -
Jeffrey Wikstrom
website -
twitter - @jeff_wik
Geoffrey Winn
twitter - @geoffreydwinn
Geoffrey Winn


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Stream of Annihilation Round Up (Round Table 155)

The Stream of Annihilation Round Up (Round Table Episode 155)

Welcome the Round Table's round up of the Wizards of the Coast Stream of Annihilation. We sit at the Round Table with friend of the show Ginny Loveday and first-time guest Katie to get their thoughts on the info we learned from the stream and on live streaming of D&D in general.  Hope you enjoy!


1)Topher Kohan (Host)


Twitter: @TopherATL


2) Ginny Loveday (Guest)


Twitter: @ginnyloveday


            Other Instagram: @g_loveday

3) Katie (Guest)


Get to know you Question:

"Are you a fan of / watch live play shows on streams"

Topic 1)

Next adventure setting announcement


Topic 2)

“Other” product announcements

Topic 3)

The event in general

Round ups:!#.WTmjtRPyt60


The videos of the entire Stream of Annihilation:

Each segment is separated so you don't need to watch the entire thing.


Joe Manganiellos Welcome:

Welcome and Product Reveal:

Dice, Camera, Action Episode 51:

Thomas Foss on Neverwinter:

Dice, Camera, Action interview:

C-Team Game:

WizKids Interview:

C-Team Interview:

Meat Grinder Showcase: (DMed by Chris Perkins)

Dice Tin Announcement & Dice Rituals:

Force Grey Interview:

One Grung Above: (DMed by Christopher Lindsay)

D& D Beyond:

Critical Role Interview:

Maze Arcana:

Fantasy Grounds:

Tower of the Curator: (DMed by Mike Mearls)


Welcome, Announcement, & Highlights:

Xanathar’s Guide Alt Cover:

Girls, Guts, Glory + DM Matt Mercer:

Betrayal at Baldurs Gate Announcement:

Girls, Guts, Glory Interview:

HighRollers Uncharted Territory:

Dragon Talk:


Misscliks: Risen:

Maze Arcana Interview:

Misscliks: Risen Interview:

Dragon Friends:

Gale Force Nine Interview & Neverwinter Posters:

Dragon Friends Interview:

Maze Arcana w/ Special Guests:

High Rollers Interview:

Thank you to for the great listing of all the videos with links!


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Mike Schley (Gamer to Gamer)

In this episode Jeff sits down to chat with professional D&D cartographer and RPG artist Mike Schley about how he entered the hobby, what old people in art class talk about, and how he was introduced to the RPG hobby!

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Schleyscapes Kickstarter Campaign

Mike Schley web

Mike Schley twitter

Mike Schley Illustration & Design on Facebook

Schleyscapes on Instagram

Jeff on Twitter




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Wilderland Adventures Review (Tome 283)

In this episode, Jeff is joined by Louis Brinton and Jeremiah McCoy to discuss the newest Cubicle 7 Adventures in Middle Earth release: Wilderland Adventures! 



Louis Brinton on Twitter

Louis Brinton web

Jeremiah McCoy web 

Jeremiah McCoy web2

Jeff on Twitter


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Intro and Dubious Quadgrams! (The Data of D&D 001)

Intro and Dubious Quadgrams! – The Data of D&D – Episode 1

Welcome to the 1st episode of newest show on the Tome Show Network! The Data of D&D is a show from Topher Kohan and Mike Shea that talks about the numbers in and around this hobby we love called Dungeons and Dragons.

The first episode is all about the show and how we look at data. We hope you enjoy!


1)Topher Kohan (Co-Host)

Twitter: @TopherATL


2) Mike Shea (Co-Host)


Twitter: @slyflourish





Topic 1)

Analyzing the Best D&D Advice

Stop Words:



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Round Episode 154 Minis and Terrain

And the Round Table is cak with Episode 154!!! The topic today? Minis and Terrain: Talking to DM Jim and David Whitehead about miniatures, D&D scenery and using 3d printing to make it all happen

Thank you to our sponsor, Easy Roller Dice!!


1) Topher Kohan (Host)


Twitter: @TopherATL


2) James (jim) Floyd Kelly (Guest 1)


Skype: james.floyd.kelly

Twitter: @jamesfloydkelly

Facebook: James Floyd Kelly 


Channel:   Game Terrain Engineering

3) David Whitehead (Guest 2)


Twitter: @davewhitehead


Skype: david,whitehead

Other: I got nuthin’. 


Get to know you Question:

"Theater of the mind when is it the best" 

Topic 1)

Wikids Unpainted miniatures:

Topic 2)

3D printing and D&D & using “terrain” in 5e

Fat Dragon Games:

Dwarven Forge:

D&D Minis:

Topic 3)

James show Game Terrain Engineering:

Wyloch’s Armory:

Black Magic Craft:

The DMs Craft:

(his first video: Craft your own dungeon tiles quickly and cheaply for D&D (the DM's Craft, Ep 1, pt 1)

The DMG info:


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