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Behind the DM Screen (April 2014)

Mike, Sam, and Jeff get together once more to talk about their games in April of 2014.

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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Round Table 14 - Fighter and Backgrounds Update

James Introcaso sits down with Greg Blair, Alex Basso, Andrew Kane, and Joe Lastowski to talk about the Legends and Lore and D&D Next Q&A articles about the fighter and the recent Live D&D Next Q&A which covered backgrounds amongst other topics. This podcast was recorded on April, 7, 2014.


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The Adversary Part 1 (Book Club)

Better late than never, here's the first half of Adversary, the third book in the Sundering series. Originally in January of 2014. In this episode we are joined by Eric Paquette, Geoffrey D. Winn, and Kiel Chenier. Enjoy. 

Behind the DM Screen (March 2014)

Sam, Jeff and Mike continue talking about their games. Sam has a city of orcs on a pillar, Jeff has Returned to the Temple of Elemental Evil...and Mike plays too many games. Enjoy!

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Round Table 13 - Syrinscape

In a new kind of Round Table, James Introcaso talks with Benjamin Loomes aboutSyrinscape, an awesome sound design app that creates unique ambient sounds and music tracks for your table. They talk about this really cool, much needed FREE product for any game table, Benjamin's gaming background, and his famous gaming group The DiceStormers. It's a great chat featuring a great product for immersing your players further into the game.

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News Desk (March 2014)

The D&D news of March 2014, with anchors Jeff and Sam as well as man on the street, Randall Walker.
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Round Table 12 - D&D in TV and Movies

Inspired by Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, a recently premiered episode of NBC's Community, James Introcaso sits down with Vegas Lancaster, Ray Fallon, Andrew Kane, and Andrew Timmes to talk about the portrayal of D&D in the film Zero Charisma and in the television shows Community, Freaks and Geeks, and The Big Bang Theory. This episode was recorded on March 23, 2014.


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Round Table 11 - Party Conflict

In this episode James Introcaso sits down with Rudy Basso, Alex Basso, Andrew Timmes, and Greg Blair to talk about something that affects all games - party conflict. They discuss each player's different philosophies, strategies, and opinions about dealing with and causing mayhem amongst his fellow PCs. This is a topic that The Round Table is very interested in hearing your opinion about, so please let us know what you think!!!! This episode was recorded on March 21, 2014.

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Scourge of the Sword Coast (Tome 234)

Dreams of the Red Wizards: Scourge of the Sword Coast is not just a really long title for a product, it's also the latest Encounters adventure. Jeff, Tracy, Sam, and Kiel want to give you their take on it.

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Appendix N (Episode 1) - A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Guest: Jay Kint
RPG Circus -
Twitter - @icosahedron

Next episode: The Book of Wonder by Lord Dunsany
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