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The Tome Ep 42: Logue OD5

profile.jpgIn this episode I had a fun chat with Nicolas Logue. Most of what we talked about revolved around the new Open Design project, that is being announced in conjunction with the release of this episode over at and, Blood of the Gorgon.

We also chat briefly about Nicolas' work at Paizo, as well as Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Quarterly, NerdNYC, and the Iron DM.

I also play a promo for Gamer's Haven.

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The Tome Ep 41: Complete Scoundrel

profile.jpgIn this chapter of the Tome we will be looking at Complete Scoundrel. I received this wonderful review from Patrick and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I'm sure if you don't it will be due to my horrible reading ability, not due to the quality of the review.

I also have reviews in the works for: Grand History of the Realms, Cormyr/Shadowdale/Anarouch, Soulforge/Brothers in Arms, Orc King, Preview: Classes and Races, and more, as well as several interviews that are in the works and more 4e chat between me and Chris Engler. So the Tome has a lot on it's plate right now, which is part of why you have seen so many episodes lately. I'll keep up as long as I can, but this is a very fast pace for me lately, and part of the reason you're getting so much right now is because I have been on a break from work, but that has ended now. So I'm just struggling to keep up with stuff as it comes in to me. Hope you're enjoying it.

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The Tome Ep 40: 4e Rules

profile.jpgChris Engler and Jeff Greiner come back for the last part of their 4th edition talk, this time to look specifically at 4th edition rules information that have been released at this point.

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The Tome Ep 39: 4e Magic

profile.jpgChris Engler and Jeff continue their chat, this time about 4th edition magic.

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The Tome Ep 38: 4e Races

profile.jpgChris Engler and Jeff Greiner continue to discuss 4th edition news, this time focusing on races.

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Lastly, I'm going to try and get out a lot of episodes in the next week or so. So be prepared for that. I have a special episode and announcement coming up soon, which is why this is happening. More to come on that later.

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