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The Tome Ep 35 Luke Johnson

The TomeWelcome to back to the Tome. In this episode we have an interview with Luke Johnson, writer for Goodman Games, WotC, and more.

As usual the Tome is a member of Goblin, the Gaming Broadcast Network.

In this episode you get a promo for the Rolemonkey's. A fun show where you can listen to the actual play sessions of a group of gamers playing different games.

And check out the partner podcasts Fist Full of Comics and Games, which recently had me on for the Monarch Comics Briefing to chat about DC Comics Countdown. Also check out Gamer's Haven which just had a great episode about getting new gamers into your games.

The Tome Ep 34: Iron Kingdoms CG

profile.jpgAnother episode so quick? That's right, when it rains it pours. This time along it's another awesome review from Chris Engler, formerly of the Carpe GM podcast (although he's hung up the podcasting hat, it seems). He gives us a short and sweet review of the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide.

The Tome is a member of Goblin, of course, the Gaming Broadcast Network. So if you're looking to find some gaming podcasts check it out.

Instead of a promo I play a sketch from the guys at Role-Playing Public Radio. They've got more like this at their site and it's quite awesome. They've gone a bit more traditional of late, but if you're looking for a gaming podcast that infuses good humor head on over.

Also don't forget that the Tome's partner podcasts (Fist Full of Comics and Games and Gamer's Haven) continue to rock. So if you're looking for gaming, podcasting, movies, and otherwise geeky goodness check out FFoCaG and if you want to make you're game more than meets the eye head over to the Haven.

The Tome Ep 33: Complete Arcane

profile.jpgIt's an oldie but a goodie. That's right, this time around the Tome looks at Complete Arcane with William. He and I actually recorded this over the summer (sooo, so long ago) and it was a lot of fun it just took a long time to make it down the queue and get to you (sorry about that William). But it was a great time and hopefully we'll have more stuff from William in the future.

Of course The Tome is a member of Goblin. And are partners with Fistfull of Comics and Games as well as Gamer's Haven (who recently released an episode featuring me, we got together and did and interview with the folks from Goodman Games East...go check it out).

You also hear a bit from Midnight's Lair. It's a funny little show if you don't mind Canada and aren't intimidated by the length. Check it out.

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