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The Appendix N Podcast - Episode 36 - “The Return of Hastur,” “Ithaqua,” and “Beyond the Threshold” by August Derleth

December 7, 2016
August Derleth is a controversial figure in the world of the Cthulhu Mythos. He was the first to push for publication of Lovecraft’s work after his death, but his own writing didn’t quite live up to that of the Master. What do Great Old Ones have in common with Elemental Evil? Find out as we discuss three noteworthy stories.
August William Derleth
born February 24, 1909 in Sauk City, WI; died July 4, 1971
Best remembered as the first book publisher of the writings of H. P. Lovecraft; contributed to the Cthulhu Mythos; founded Arkham House in 1939 with his friend Donald Wandrei, which did much to bring supernatural fiction into print in the US that had only been readily available in the UK
1938 Guggenheim Fellow
Derleth considered his most serious work to be the Sac Prairie Saga, about life in Wisconsin as he knew it
He was a pioneering naturalist and conservationist
Derleth had been a correspondent and friend of Lovecraft since his teenage years
after Lovecraft’s death, Derleth founded Arkham House to publish Lovecraft’s work
first book was The Outsider and Others, 1939
Derleth invented the term “Cthulhu Mythos” (Lovecraft preferred “Yog-Sothery”)
wrote a number of stories based on fragments in which he was a “posthumous collaborator”
depicted Lovecraft’s universe as more hopeful, reflecting his Christian views
treated Old Ones as elemental forces
“The Return of Hastur”
first appeared in Weird Tales, March 1939
first appeared in Strange Stories, February 1941
“Beyond the Threshold”
first appeared in Weird Tales, September 1941
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