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Dragon Turtle! (Monstrous Ecologist 002)

In this episode of the Monstrous Ecologist we tackle one of the oldest and one of the largest monsters in D&D, the Dragon Turtle!

Your Host: Jeremiah McCoy

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Chinese Mythology, A to Z by Jeremy Roberts

Wu Za Zu, Xie Zhaozhe (note: I could only find excerpts of English translations. The full book is hard to acquire.)

Chinese Art, Stephen W. Bushell

Dragon Turtles first appearance: 

Dungeons and Dragons Original Edition; Book 2 held the first image and Book 3 had the first description of the monster.

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual

2nd Edition Monster Manual

3rd Edition Monster Manual

3.5 Monster Manual

(note: there are no 4th edition Dragon Turtle official write ups)

5th Edition Monster Manual



Dungeons & Dragons Classics


The Beholder! (Monstrous Ecologist 001)

This is the debut episode of one of the Tome Show's new feature programs - The Monstrous Ecologist! In this episode your host, Jeremiah McCoy, tackles one of the most iconic monsters of D&D - the Beholder!

Eye of the Beholder (phrase meaning)

Interview with Gary Gygax

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Where the Beholder has appeared:

Original D&D Supplement 1: Greyhawk

Advanced D&D 1e Monster Manual

Dragon Magazine issue 76

D&D 2e Monstrous Manual

I Tyrant

D&D 3e Monster Manual I

D&D 3.5 Monster Manual I

D&D 4e Monster Manual

D&D 5e Monster Manual

Volo's Guide to Monsters


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