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Evil Characters (Performance Check 006)

In this episode of Performance Check, Jon has a discussion with Amber Segar and Joshua Long from the Geekspective network on evil characters. How to play them well, things to avoid, and what the appeal is of playing the darker characters

Performance Check is a monthly show focused on how to be better roleplayers. Some shows focus on skills to use at the table to make more interesting and memorable characters that shine. We'll also be interviewing players from Actual Play podcasts and Twitch streams, learning how they have crafted their characters and what we can learn from them. Performance Check isn't about mechanics or making the best build or the most technical character, it's about making a character that people remember and love for years to come


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Behind the DM Screen (June 2018)

In this episode Sam, Jeff, and Mike talk about their games from June 2018.

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