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The Appendix N Podcast - Episode 38 - The Sunken Land and Thieves’ House by Fritz Leiber

Return to Nehwon for two more tales of thrilling adventure with Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. Whether on the high seas or in the big city, these two can’t seem to escape danger.
Fritz Reuter Leiber, Jr.
December 24, 1910 (Chicago) - September 5, 1992
“American writer of fantasy, horror, and science fiction. He was also a poet, actor in theater and films, playwright and chess expert.[b] With writers such as Robert E. Howard and Michael Moorcock, Leiber can be regarded as one of the fathers of sword and sorcery fantasy, having in fact created the term. Moreover, he excelled in all fields of speculative fiction, writing award-winning work in fantasy, horror, and science fiction.” - Wikipedia
introduced Fafhrd and Grey Mouser in August, 1939 in Unknown magazine, edited by John W. Campbell
early influences were H. P. Lovecraft and Robert Graves; received a letter of encouragement from Lovecraft in 1936
earned little money as a writer; addicted to alcohol and downers
actually received royalty checks from TSR for games based on Lankhmar
1975 - named Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy by the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon)
Fafhrd was based on Leiber himself; Grey Mouser based on Harry Otter Fischer
notable for growing, taking on more responsibilities, getting married, etc.
Two Sought Adventure
published 1957 by Gnome Press
Swords Against Death
first published 1970 by Ace Books
second of seven volumes
“The Sunken Land” - 1942, Unknown
“Thieves’ House” - 1943, Unknown
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Jeffrey Wikstrom
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Geoffrey Winn
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The Appendix N Podcast - Episode 37 - The Mathematics of Magic by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt

Follow along with the amazing adventures of Harold Shea, spellcasting psychologist! Travel from the world of Norse mythology to the romantic fantasy of Spencer’s Faerie Queene. How will Harold best the Blatant Beast? Find out, as you listen to our thrilling discussion!
Lyon Sprague de Camp
November 27, 1907 - November 6, 2000 (age 92)
Murray Fletcher Pratt
April 25, 1897 (Buffalo, NY) - June 10, 1956 (age 59)
American writer of science fiction, fantasy and history
Best known for his works on naval history and the American Civil War, and for collaborations on fiction with L. Sprague de Camp
Attended Hobart College and wrote for various magazines
“The Fletcher Pratt Naval War Game” — a set of rules for naval wargaming, involving tiny wooden ships, published prior to WW2
“The Roaring Trumpet”
Unknown, May 1940
Harold Shea
Reed Chalmers
“The plotline of the story is based on the myths of Thor's expedition to Jotunhem as told in the Gylfaginning section of Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, and the Völva's prophecy regarding Ragnarok in the poem Völuspá, preserved in the Poetic Edda.”
“The Mathematics of Magic”
Unknown, August 1940
Spencer’s Faerie Queen
Harold Shea
Reed Chalmers
Lady Britomart
Lady Florimel
Both stories first appeared in book form in The Incomplete Enchanter, 1941, Henry Holt and Company
My guest:
Chris Constantin
Dark Revelations the Roleplaying Game -
Jeffrey Wikstrom
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Geoffrey Winn
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Round Table 152 - Print on Demand, Fighters, and Monks

James Introcaso and Topher Kohan sit down with James Floyd Kelly, Jay Africa, and Joe Lastowksi to discuss DMs Guild print on demand products and the Fighter and Monk Unearthed Arcana articles. This podcast was recorded on December 18, 2016.


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