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Crowdfunding RPGs (Tome 266)

In this episode of the Tome Show, Jeff is joined by Jon Green and Chris Engler to talk about crowdfunding and RPGs. What are the best practices? What should you watch out for? What are you missing out on? - Support us!!

Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Round Table 138 - Adventurers League in Stores and Sly Flouish’s Fantastic Locations

James Introcaso sits down with Topher KohanJoe Lastowski, and James Floyd Kelly to talk about updates to Adventurers League play in game stores. Then it's an interview with Tome Show favorite Mike Shea about the release of his amazing new book: Sly Flouish's Fantastic Locations. This podcast was recorded on September 18 and 20, 2016.

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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Gamer to Gamer - Craig Campbell

James Introcaso sits down with Craig Campbell of NerdBurger Games. He's the mastermind behind Murders & Acquisitions and a designer who left his mark on Dungeons & Dragons. This podcast was recorded on September 8, 2016.

Round Table 135 - Critical Role and Lord of the Rings Campaign Setting Books!

James Introcaso sits down with David GibsonKarl Resch, Round Table newbie Darcy Ross, Round Table newbie Rohit Sodhia, and Round Table newbie Allie Graham to discuss the announcement that the hit streaming series Critical Role will be creating a campaign guide with Green Ronin and the table of contents of the Lord of the Rings campaign setting book for D&D from Cubicle 7. This podcast was recorded on August 16, 2016.

Cthulhu in Games with Kenneth Hite

Kenneth Hitegame designerpodcaster, and more talks Cthulhu in games at Gen Con 2016!

Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Freelancing 101 - Kobold Press Panel at Gen Con 2016

Wolfgang Baur assembles an amazing panel of freelance writers, editors, and more to talk working in the industry!

Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Combastic - Kobold Press Panel from Gen Con 2016

Ben McFarland, game designer who frequently works with Kobold Press, talks making combat great again!

Dungeons & Dragons Classics

The Digital Future of D&D 5th Edition at Gen Con 2016

Our very own James Introcaso hosts a panel featuring Rob Bowes of Lone Wolf Development, Doug Davidson of Smiteworks (makers of Fantasy Grounds), Matt McElroy of OneBookShelf (of DriveThruRPG), Ben Loomes of Syrinscape, and Tobias Drewry of Mesa Mundi (makers of D20PRO). The panel discusses the future of digital gaming products and how the release of the Open Gaming License affects us all!

Dungeons & Dragons Classics

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