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D&D V&G 11: Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows of Amn (part 2)

It's Part 2 of the Baldur's Gate 2 'cast! Rejoin RudyAlexVegasGregory and Dr. John Fischer as they discuss favorite quests, the combat system, and more!

Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Behind the DM Screen (May 2016)

In this episode, Sam, Jeff, and Mike talk about their latest games and campaigns. 

Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Maestro Review (Tome 265)

In this episode Jeff is joined by James Introcaso and Mike Shea as they discuss Homecoming Book III: Maestro, by R. A. Salvatore. The discussion review is followed by an interview with the author. The guys were pretty rough on Bob Salvatore this time around - why? Listen to find out!

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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

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Round Table 122 - D&D Melts Down

James Introcaso sits down with Liz TheisPatrick DennisSam Dillon, and Round Table newbie Ginny Loveday to talk about all of the awesome announcements coming out of the D&D Live from Meltdown event. They discuss Storm King's ThunderVolo's Guide to MonstersNeverwinterAssault of the GiantsFantasy Grounds, and Force Grey: Giant Hunters. This podcast was recorded on June 4, 2016.

DMs Guild Pick of the Episode: Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue, Vol. 1

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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

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Behind the DM Screen (April 2016)

In this episode of Behind the DM Screen, Jeff & Mike are joined by David Gibson to discuss their month in gaming, what has happened in their campaigns, and ideas to makes things even cooler! 

Dungeons & Dragons Classics

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