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Erin M. Evans (Gamer to Gamer)

James Introcaso sits down with author and novelist Erin M. Evans to talk about the games she loves to play, her personal gaming life, and her career. Erin's the hottest name in official D&D novels since Bobby Salvatore. Her books include the Brimstone Angels series and The God Catcher. This podcast was recorded on January 15, 2015.

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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

The Appendix N Podcast - Episode 12 - Dwellers in the Mirage

A Viking and an American Indian walk into the Alaskan wilderness. If that sounds like a joke, you haven’t read Dwellers in the Mirage, the thrilling sci-fi adventure story by A. Merrit. Listen to my guests and I talk about this story that features a Cthulhu-esque deity, a Conan-esque warrior king, and half-naked warrior women in a hidden mountain valley.




“The most immediate influences upon AD&D were probably de Camp & Pratt, R. E. Howard, Fritz Leiber, Jack Vance, H. P. Lovecraft, and A. Merrit” — Gary Gygax


Abraham Merrit

born 1884, died 1943


Wikipedia names H. Rider Haggard, Robert W. Chambers, Helena Blavatsky and Gertrude Barrows Bennett (writing as Francis Stevens) as “heavy influences.”


He was a major influence on Appendix N authors H. P. Lovecraft and Michael Moorcock. He was referenced in the Lensman series by E. E. Smith.


Born in Beverly, New Jersey. Primarily a journalist. Assistant editor of The American Weekly from 1912 to 1937 and then editor until his death in 1943.


Merrit’s first fantasy story was “Through the Dragon Glass” (1917)


Dwellers in the Mirage was originally serialized in six parts in the magazine Argosy beginning on January 23, 1932.


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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Round Table 53 - New Digital Columns and Dungeon and Dragon Magazines

James Introcaso sits down with Vegas LancasterSam DillonTracy Hurley, and Round Table newbie Wade Kemper. They talk about the last Legends and Lore column heralding the arrival of three new D&D digital columns in 2015. Then they discuss the recent availability of Dungeon and Dragon magazines on This episode was recorded on January 15, 2015.

Healing and Hit Dice (Bonus Action 003)

In this episode James and Sam discuss the Healing and Hit Dice mechanics in D&D. You can find an explanation of these rules in the Player's Basic D&D PDF on pages 74 and 75 or in the Player’s Handbook on pages 196 and 197 (in the combat chapter).


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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

D&D V&G 3: Dragonshard

HAVE YOU HEARD OF THIS GAME BEFORE?  Because Rudy Basso, Alex Basso, Ray Fallon, and Vegas Lancaster sure haven't.  It's an RTS set in Eberron that was released in 2006 that floated right past our and - it seems - most of the collective gaming audience's radars.  Is it a hidden treasure, lost in the ruins of Khyber?  Or is it a way too deadly trap that was rightly ignored, waiting to be released upon a quartet of foolish adventurers who are full of pizza and wings?  Tune in to find out in this special everyone-around-a-table episode!

2015 Dragonshard 1v1 Championship Match (with commentary and breakdown from Alex)

Next Month's Game: Neverwinter Nights (!!!)

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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Appendix N Podcast - Episode 11 - The Complete Works of H. P. Lovecraft (Part 3)

Third part of a three-part series. My guests and I discuss The Call of Cthulhu, the most famous story by H. P. Lovecraft featuring his iconic creation, and we also talk about the roleplaying game of the same name.

Lovecraft, H. P. The Complete Works.

H. P. Lovecraft

born 1890, died 1937

Born in Providence, RI, son of a traveling salesman and a woman who could trace her ancestry back to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. When Lovecraft was only 3 years old, his father was placed in a psychiatric institution and died 5 years later, as Lovecraft himself claimed, of paralysis brought on by “nervous exhaustion.” Lovecraft’s mother suffered from hysteria and depression and died at the same hospital about 23 years later.

Lovecraft was raised by his mother and his mother’s family, including his grandfather who was a businessman. It was this grandfather who encouraged him to read and interested him in tales of Gothic horror.

Lovecraft was an intelligent but sickly child who grew into a gaunt, pale adult. He suffered a nervous breakdown prior to his high school graduation and never received his diploma. Although today he is regarded by fans as one of the greatest literary geniuses of the 20th century, he was never financially successful in his own time, partly due to his own unwillingness. He was friends with many other writers of his day, including most famously Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian.

He was briefly married to a woman named Sonia Greene and lived with her in New York City, where he was famously miserable.

Lovecraft returned to Providence in 1926 and lived there until his death in 1937. He was diagnosed with cancer of the small intestine and died in poverty.

Today the images of H. P. Lovecraft and his most famous creation, the monster Cthulhu, are well known to gamers. Cthulhu appears on t-shirts, in board games, card games, roleplaying games, and video games. He is credited as an inspiration by many, many horror and fantasy writers, and filmmakers who came after him. And yet his name is relatively unknown outside of geek and gamer culture, probably less recognizable to the general public than Edgar Allen Poe and Steven King.

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Eric Paquette

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Geoffrey Winn


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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Round Table 50 - Setting Speculation

James Introcaso sits down with Jeff GreinerSam DillonGreg Blair, and Dave Gibson to speculate what the next setting might be in the official D&D fifth edition rules. They discuss Forgotten RealmsEberron,DragonlanceGreyhawkRavenloftDark SunPlanescapeMystara, and more. This podcast was recorded on December 16, 2014.


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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

Year in Review 2014 (Tome 245)

Jeff and Tracy sit down with guests Susan J. Morris, Erin M. Evans, and Tom Lommel to discuss their year in RPGs. They discuss their big RPG moments of 2014, including the best RPG products of the year, the things they remember the most, memorable campaign endings, and what made their gaming great this year.

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Dungeons & Dragons Classics

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