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The Round Table (Episode 1)

Welcome the Round Table to the possible mix of podcasts offered under the Tome Show banner. James and company are looking to do a regular look at D&D news with a panel of contributors with varying levels of experience and preferences. The aim is produce something a bit more often than the News Desk and entail a more in-depth discussion, analysis, and punditry about the latest in D&D. 

Please give us your feedback. The early days of a podcast are always formative and your feedback can help the producers of the show figure out a good intersection of what you want to hear and what they want to create. Reach us at TheTomeShow AT gmail DOT com or calling 919-BIZ-TOME. 

Scratching the D&D Itch (225)

Jeff found another lost episode…With the lull between editions it may be hard to find a way to scratch that D&D Itch, so we tackle the sorts of things you might want to do to help you scratch that itch. Enjoy!

I'm also not sure which episode is the real 225 (this or Murder in Baldur's Gate) so they'll both keep their number. :-)

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Tome News Desk (Nov/Dec 2013)

Randall, Sam, and Jeff talk about the top D&D news stories for November and December 2013, including the BIGGEST NEWS OF THE YEAR!! Listen in and join in the conversation by calling the Biz-Line at 919-BIZ-TOME and be sure to spread the word about the show, like it on Facebook, etc. 

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Dungeons & Dragons Classics 

The Final Playtest Packet Review (226)

So Jeff just realized that this episode was never released in a mad flurry of episodes in the past. So here you go. Our team of experts are looking at and reviewing the final play test packet for D&D Next. Enjoy!

Dungeons & Dragons Classics 

Behind the DM Screen (November 2013)

Back around Turkey Time Mike, Jeff, and Randall talked to each other about their games…why Mike's wife was working from home and answered a listener question about what games we're playing right now.

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Arena of War (Tome 227)

In this episode we discuss the D&D licensed mobile game Arena of War, by Mobage/DeNA. 

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