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Behind the DM Screen (October 2013)

Mike, Randall, and Jeff gather once again to talk about their games.

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Behind the DM Screen (September 2013)

Randall, Jeff, and Mike continue their monthly discussion about their games and how to make them better.

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Murder in Baldur’s Gate (Tome 225)

In this episode we are joined by Sam Dillon and Kiel Chenier to talk about Murder in Baldur's Gate, the first Encounters season that is also a purchasable product. 

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Never Unprepared (Tome Book Club)

In the latest Tome Show Book Club we continue to delve into the realm of nonfiction by reading Never Unprepared, a book about preparing for a game. Enjoy!

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Miniatures! (Tome Show 223)

Carinn Seabolt joins us in this episode to discuss the fine art of miniatures. Painting them, modifying them, buying them. Pewter, resin, plastic...the choices go on and on and in this episode we turn to an expert on how to pull off adding the mini crafting hobby to the gaming hobby you already love.

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Hamlet’s Hitpoints part 2 (Tome Book Club)

As we catch up on a backlog of Book Club discussions we start by bringing you the second half of our discussion of Hamlet's Hitpoints by Robin D. Laws, whom we speak to in this episode as well.


Dungeons & Dragons Classics 

Tome News Desk (Sept/Aug 2013)

Jeff, Sam, and Randall talk about all the D&D news that's worth discussing from GenCon on through the end of September.


Find links to all the articles we discussed and some we didn't here.


Dungeons & Dragons Classics 

GenCon Follow Up Interview (Tome 222)

We still have audio from one more seminar from GenCon to bring you later, but while you wait for that, here's a follow up interview we conducted a few weeks after GenCon with Mike Mearls (leader of all things D&D) and Nathan Stewart (from the D&D brand team). 



Dungeons & Dragons Classics

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