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Organizing the Home Game (Tome 218)

Shawn Merwin joins us in this episode. Shawn is an expert in Organized Play programs (having run them for years and written several seasons of them). In this episode we talk about the lessons someone can learn from Organized Play to make their home game better...and vice versa. Enjoy!

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Standard Action (Tome 217)

The webseries Standard Action is a fun collection videos telling a story in a D&D-type fantasy world that isn't afraid to pay tribute and even reference it's game-connections. We chatted to two of the founders, stars, directors, and producers of the show. Hope you enjoy!

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Standard Action - Website | Twitter | Facebook

Midgard Campaign Guide (Tome 213)

Another slightly out of order episode of the Tome Show. This time we discuss the Midgard Campaign Guide and chat with Wolfgang Baur, primary creator of the volume.


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Behind the DM Screen (June 2013)

Jeff, Mike and Randall are three DMs talking about their games and helping each other out.


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Tome News Desk (May 2013)

This week Randall, Jeff, and Sam do as we do...discuss the latest and greatest in D&D. Check it out.

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Lastly, if you want to see the links to all the D&D news items that we discussed and other articles we had to choose from, check out Jeff's Delicious page.

Behind the DM Screen (May 2013)

In which Mike, Randall, and Jeff, three DMs, talk about their games and help each other out.


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Dungeons of Dread (Tome 215)

In this episode we discuss the Dungeons of Dread reprinted collection with our resident grognards and Tome Show staffers, Randall Walker and Sam Dillon.


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Sam's other podcasts - Play on Target | Across a Table Madly

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