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Eye of Justice part 1 (Book Club)

Eric Paquette and Geoff Winn join Jeff and Tracy to discuss the first half of Eye of Justice, in this installment of the Tome Show book club, which, has us completely caught up on our backlog of episodes (thanks to Sam, our editor, for all his work in getting this done). In April 2013 we will finish Eye of Justice and then in May we will read Hamlet's Hitpoints, a book by Robin D. Laws about the construction of stories.

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Collaborative Campaign Advice (Tome 211)

Erik Scott De Bie joins Jeff in this episode, talking about how a DM and a player might collaborate to create a campaign together.

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Lesser Evils part 2 (Book Club)

Erin M. Evans joins us in this episode, after we discuss the second half of her book Lesser Evils, the second book featuring the Brimstone Angels. Joining us for this discussion is Eric Paquette, Brenda Samler, and Geoff Winn. Our next book club book will be Eye of Justice by Eric Scott Di Bie, please read along with us.

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Dungeon Boardgame (Tome 210)

In this episode we take a look at the Dungeon! board game originally published in 1975 and updated and released recently. Joining Jeff and Tracy are the Tome Show's editor, Sam Dillon as well as Jeff Dougan. Enjoy!

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Lesser Evils part 1 (Book Club)

Lesser Evils, the latest Brimstone Angels book, by author Erin. M. Evans, is the focus of this installment of the Tome Show Book Club. In this episode we discussed the first half of the book with Eric Paquette, Brenda Samler, and Geoff Winn. In a week or so you'll get to hear the second half of the episode wherein we finish our discussion of the book at talk to the author. Stay tuned.

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Tome News Desk (March 2013)

Anchor Sam and on the street reporter Randall go it without Jeff as they discuss the latest D&D news that's fit to discuss. Enjoy!

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