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Spider and Stone part 2 (Book Club)

We discussed the second half of the Forgotten Realms novel, Spider and Stone, and chatted with the author (Jaleigh Johnson) about this book, which gives us a climax in the Rise of the Underdark D&D event.

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Story on the Fly Advice (Tome 209)

James Wyatt from WotC joins us in this episode where we talk about making up your story on the fly. How do you improv your game and do it well? There is no greater pro than James Wyatt...

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Book Club: KGtGD part 2

Part 2 of the Kobold Guide to Game Design book club chat...and an interview with Wolfgang Baur of Kobold Quarterly/Open Design, author of most of the book, and all around good guy. Enjoy!

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Tome News Desk (February 2013)

The Tome News Desk crew (anchors Jeff and Sam and on the street reporter Randall) chat about what they thought were the biggest D&D news stories in February. Enjoy!

Links for everything we discussed and more is here.

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Behind the DM Screen (March 2013)

And with this episode your BtMDS blitz is at an end. You are now officially caught up on everything we've recorded on your favorite show about Mike, Randall, and Jeff chatting about their games and helping each other to make them better.

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Behind the DM Screen (February 2013)

Randall, Jeff and Mike continue discussing their games. Randall wades into his Riven game, Jeff is going D&D Next with the Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, and Mike plays Next as well, with his Eberron game.

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Behind the DM Screen (January 2013)

In this episode Randall, Jeff, and Mike talk about their games, as they tend to do. Enjoy!

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Tome News Desk (Jan 2013)

Jeff and Sam report on the news from January 2013 along with our roving reported Randall. Enjoy!

The Last Threshold Interview with RA Salvatore (Tome Show Special)

In this Tome Show special episode we present you with an interview with RA Salvatore about his latest Drizzt novel. For more on Mr. Salvatore swing by his website. For this book and more from the author take a look at the Amazon carousel below and support the Tome Show at the same time.

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