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Elminster’s Guide to the Forgotten Realms (Tome 208)

In this systemless book about the creation and details of life of the Forgotten Realms you'll find some of the original notes (and pictures) from when the popular shared setting was created. We discuss the book and interview the man behind the book (and the Realms), Ed Greenwood.


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Noble Knight Pick - 2e Forgotten Realms boxed set

Spider and Stone part 1 (Book Club)

In this book club installment we discuss the first half of Spider and Stone, a Forgotten Realms book delving deep into dwarven culture as much as the drow. Enjoy!


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Noble Knight Pick of the Episode - Bloodstone Dice

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Recent and Upcoming Book Club Books:

Dungeon Command (Tome 207)

It's been a bit, but now that our editor, Sam, is back in full health prepare for a Tome Show-splosion! In this episode we discuss the Dungeon Command miniatures game and interview a little someone over at WotC about the game. We are also joined by Tom McAmbly and Jon Green, both new but worthy additions to the show. WARNING: the audio quality of the interview suffers from technological problems, although the rest of the episode is of normal quality. Thanks for your understanding...


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Noble Knight

Noble Knight Pick - Dungeon Command (Heart of Cormyr)

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