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Freelancing Advice (Tome 203)

The Dungeon and Dragon magazine open submission window is nearly upon us, so we've gathered together some experienced freelance game designers Owen K. C. Stephens and Craig Campbell (as well as co-host Tracy Hurley) to talk about how to get attention with your pitch, get it accepted, and what to do once you have your foot in the door to try and keep the freelancing jobs coming.


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Craig: Wizards Community | ENWorld

Owen: Paizo Boards | Website | Super Genius Games

Story Advice with Robin Laws from GenCon (Tome 201)

The legendary Robin Laws joined us for our GenCon episode, recorded in front of a live audience. It was a lot of fun and I hope we get the chance to continue this.


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Robin Laws - Blog | Twitter

Dungeons and Dragons A Documentary (Tome 202)

In Tome Show episode 202 we talked to Anthony Savini, one of the guys working on Dungeons and Dragons: A Documentary, a really cool looking documentary detailing the history and impact of everyone's favorite RPG. And yes, we know that you haven't seen episode 201 yet (unless you happened to be at GenCon and game by to see it) but we wanted to get this out to you ASAP so you'd have time to participate in the Kickstarter to support it.


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D&D: A Documentary - Website | Kickstarter

End of Con Interview (GenCon 2012)

It is a little late, and I apologize for that (it's completely my fault - blame Sam, not Jeff!). This is the final audio recording from GenCon 2012 - Jeff's End Of Con Interview!

We hope you've enjoyed all of this year's GenCon coverage - look for more next year!

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