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We Play A Game!!! (Tome 200)

THIS EPISODE IS NOT CLEAN! Here it is...there are now more Tome Show episodes than there are 4e Themes and Classes combined! Tracy was left entirely in charge of this episode and she opted to do something truly revolutionary in this podcast episode about gaming...we played a game. It was a fun surprise to do this episode...although this is a truly adult episode. We've always tried to keep the show clean, but I guess we got a bit blue in our goofy fun when we recorded this.

I'm going to leave it at that and let you enjoy the insane stupid gaming.


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Spinner of Lies (Book Club)

In June we read Spinner of Lies for the Tome Show Book Club, a novel by Bruce Cordell. This is the second book about this character, but each is intended to stand alone. It's also a Forgotten Realms novel about a character who is not natively from the Realms. Joining us for the discussion of this Book Club is Andy Myhr and the author. We are reading chapters 1 through 12 of Marshelia Rockwell's Eberron novel Skein of Shadows in July we'd love to have you join us.

Make sure you stay tuned after the interview for a book review from long time contributor Geoffrey D. Winn.


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Digital Tools Advice/Reviews (Tome 199)

We discuss what digital tools we use and give some advice on how to use them. Consider this a combo review/advice episode for July 2012. Joining us for this episode is Michael the OnlineDM.


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Awesome Dice article comparing Google search results for D&D editions

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Behind the DM Screen 6

Randall, Jeff, and Mike discuss their campaigns and help each other out in this episode for June 2012.



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The Weem (Caves of Chaos map)

RPG Musings (Sandbox Campaign)

Sly Flourish (Relationships for Caves of Chaos)

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