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Lillian Cohen-Moore (Gamer to Gamer Ep 2)

In this episode Tracy talked to Lillian Cohen-Moore, a freelance journalist, a gamer, and an all around awesome person.

Gamer to Gamer is a podcast hosted by Tracy Barnett and has the intention to find out about gamers. Who are they? What do they play? How do they play?



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Unnamed DM Show (Ep 2)

Mike, Randall, and Jeff are at it again. Jeff wants to know how to get his campaign back in gear, Randall is trying to figure out how to make is Myst-based game more dynamic...and Mike...Mike sticks to his time-limit. :-)

This episode was recorded in early February 2012 and there were no name suggestions at that time. Many name suggestions have come in since then and we will discuss them on the next episode...but feel free to keep them coming in, you have another week or two before we make a decision.



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Dice Monkey Radio Episode 4

DiceMonkeyRadio.jpg Welcome back!

In Episode 4, our special guest is Cam Banks, the lead designer of the Marvel Heroic RPG! We talk to him about D&DNext, Non-Disclosure Agreements, The Marvel Heroic RPG, and answer a call about prophecies.

News: D&DNext Marvel Heroic RPG

Everything I Need To Know I Learned form D&D (Tome Book Club)

In this episode we discuss the book Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Dungeons and Dragons and talked to the author Shelly Mazzanoble.



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Cam and Jess Banks (Gamer to Gamer Ep 1)

Welcome to the introductory episode of the Gamer to Gamer show (a Tome Show production) where host Tracy Barnett gets to know a bit more about gamers around the world. If you'd like to be a guest on Gamer to Gamer email In this episode we meet Cam and Jess Banks.



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Madness at Gardmore Abbey (Tome 188)

A panel of Gardmore Abbey experts provides a review of the boxed set adventure while Jeff asks the questions you all want to know. We are joined by Sam Dillon (Tome Editor), Stewart, and Michael.




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