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Unnamed DM Show (Ep 1)

Welcome to the as of yet Unnamed DM Show wherein once a month Mike Shea, Randall Walker, and Jeff Greiner will discuss their games and help each other make it better. Enjoy!



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Dice Monkey Radio Episode 3


Well, it's been a couple months in the making but Episode 3 is finally here! This was recorded back in November, but Christmas and college got in the way. Now, here it is! Episode 3, with special guest host Tracy from This is My Game and Sand and Steam.

Andrew, who left us a Voice Mail, we haven't forgotten about you. Your VM will appear next episode. We merely recorded this before you called in.

News: Menzoberranzan: City of Intrigue Pathfinder Beginner Box Adopt-A-Soldier Program

Sponsor: Gamerati and

Today's topic: Realism in your game Realms of Atlantasia

Advice section: Eclipse Phase

Book of Vile Darkness Review (Tome 187)

In this episode Jeff and Tracy are joined by Mike Shea...Matt James also invited himself on the episode. In the episode we review the Book of Vile Darkness.



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Sly Flourish

D&D Comic by IDW (Tome Book Club)

This installment of the Tome Show Book Club is all about the D&D comic book by IDW available at your local comic shop, Comixology, and in your local comic book reading app on the device of your choice.



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Dice Monkey Radio Bonus Episode 1: DnD Next Speculation


This episode is a bit different than the last two: A bonus episode with no news, no editing, and 6 hosts!

The Hosts: Tim from Dice, Food, Lodging, Jenn of Jennisodes, Michael of Online Dungeon Master, Michael of The Id DM, Gary of GMSarli Games, and of course, myself.

Here's a few links to follow along:

The Forbes article

The New York Times article

The CNN article

The ENWorld article

DnD Next 1st Reaction RAW (The Tome)

In this episode the Tome Show family (Sam, Tracy, and Jeff) discusses the announcement about the next "iteration" of the game of Dungeons and Dragons. It's raw, unedited, and unscripted, brought to you by Gamerati and Gamerati TV. This is a topic to be discussed further in the future, but here's our first reactions the night of the announcement.

We read many articles for our information...but all of them are linked from (and quoted on) the collection on ENWorld.

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