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Tome Ep 178: Monster Vault - Threats to the Nentir Vale

Tracy hosts this episode with guest JEFF GREINER (that's me) and we talked to Brian R. James, Sterling Hersey, and eventually Matt James. Three of the four writers of Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale.


Brian R. James: Twitter/James Brothers on Facebook

Sterling Hershey: Twitter/Website

Matt James: Twitter/Loremaster

Tome Ep 177: Aquatic Adventures

In this episode Jeff and Tracy are joined by Matt Goetz and Erik Scott de Bie as they explore underwater campaigns, encounters and the Anguillian.

Contest Page 15 Retarded Dungeons and Dragons Monsters
At-Will chatroom
Candlekeep forums
Neverwinter Campaign Setting
Free RPG Day - Domain of Dread/Ghostwalker

Guests: Matt Goetz: Twitter
Erik Scott de Bie Twitter | Facebook | Website | Livejournal

Tome Ep 176: Shadowfell - Gloomwrought

In this long awaited episode we investigate Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond.


New Life Contest Page

Book Club Page

Sly Flourish - Mike's site

Critical Hits - Danny's site

Loremaster article Jeff wrote on using the Despair Deck

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