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Tome Ep 175: Planar Advice

Danny Rupp (aka Bartoneus from Critical Hits) joins us in this episode as we discuss using the planes in your game. We build a PC with a planar theme and discuss ways that a DM can use the planes in their game. It's a planar-good time!

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Critical Hits

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Tome Ep 174: Contest Extravaganza

In this episode Chris Heard, Tracy, and Jeff run all over the internet to help fill you in on some of the contest sponsors we haven't chatted about yet. Check out Alea Tools, Eureka's PDF, and Sonic Legend's gaming music! Check it out!


Alea Tools

Sonic Legends


New Life Contest

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Tome Ep 173 - Heroes of Shadow

This episode features a review of Heroes of Shadow including the excellent regular Quinn Murphy.



Pick of the Episode - Heroes of Shadow



At-Will Blog (which Quinn runs and Jeff contributes to)

Fighter renaming article

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