Tome 170 - Epic Tier Advice


In this episode we are joined by Mike Shea from Sly Flourish, who recently wrote a book about running epic tier games. So we thought it would be nice to bring him in to join us for a chat about how to run epic games. He also decided to throw in copies of his epic book into our contest...enter now to win!



Noble Knight Pick of the Episode - Death's Reach (epic tier adventure)


Sly Flourish

Sly Flourish - DM Tips Book

Sly Flourish - Epic Book

Sly Flourish - Twitter

WotC's new Monster Builder


Critical Hits article on the “out”

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Tome Ep 169: New D&D Accessories


WotC has recently been releasing a whole bunch of D&D-related accessories that aren't sorucebooks. Fortune Cards, a DM screen, and even a board game.



Noble Knight Pick of the Episode - Lots


New Life Contest

Tracy's Adventure

D&D Website with the new Monster "Builder"

WotC Encounter Design Contest

Gold's Guide to Competitive Game Mastering (featuring Jeff and Tracy)

At-Will Speed of Decision article

Icosahedraphelia post on Fortune Cards

Gale Force 9

Litko Aero Systems

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Tome Ep 168: Open Design Prizes


Wolfgang Baur and Matt James talked to us in this episode to talk about the three great products that Open Design gave us to give away to you in the Tome's New Life Contest. Hear about Courts of the Shadow Fey, Soldiers of Fortune, and the Kobold's Guide to Game Design Vol. 3.



Pick of the Episode - Flip Mat Keep


Open Design/Kobold Quarterly

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