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Tome Ep 167: Bilsland Builds a Nilshai and House Rules

Greg Bilsland joins Tracy and Jeff in this episode to talk about monster design as we build a Nilshai and then talk about House Rules.



Pick of the Episode - Q-Workshop's Giant d20s


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Greg's Appearance on Tiger Beat Magazine!

Tome Ep 164: Essentials Druid and Published Adventures

Ethan Parker joins me in this episode where we build an Essentials Druid to capture an old school feel and discuss strategies to incorporate published adventures into your game.



Pick of the Episode - Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdom


KantCon Pre-Pre-Registration on Kickstarter

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New Life Contest



Tome Ep 163: Campaign Trackers

There are a few good options for tracking your campaign online, both of which are supporting the Tome's New Life contest and both of which talked to us in this episode. So check out Epic Words and Obsidian Portal in this episode of the Tome Show!



Pick of the Episode - Lords of Madness Case


Obsidian Portal

Epic Words

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WotC's Organized Play Announcement

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The Dumpstat - blog where Organized Play Announcement was brought to our attention

Tome DDXP Special: Freelancers

Want to freelance for Wizards of the Coast writing D&D material. You'll want to listen to this seminar from D&D Experience. Be warned, this is unedited. I can not promise it's safety for young or innocent ears.

While you're here, check out our sponsor and let them know that the Vorpal Network sent you!


...and hey, why not head to the page for the 2011 New Life Contest we're running where you can win big prizes!

Tome DDXP Special: Virtual Table

In this seminar from D&D Experience Wizards of the Coast discussed the Virtual Table web app for D&D Insider, currently in closed beta.This audio is unedited and I can not make promises about language.



And don't forget to check out the Tome's 2011 New Life Contest!

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