Tome DDXP Special: WotC Q&A


This seminar was employees of Wizards of the Coast answering audience questions for the entire time about all sorts of stuff.

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Tome DDXP Special: Expert DM Seminar


Wizards of the Coast conducted an Expert DM seminar at D&D Experience this in 2011. This is that audio. Consider yourself warned, I am releasing this audio with only a little editing (for volume and introduction) and I haven't listened to it to know if there is any naughty language. Consider yourself warned.

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Tome DDXP Special: Product Seminar


This is the Wizards of the Coast, D&D Product Seminar that took place on Sunday of the convention where the lovely folks at WotC discuss upcoming products for D&D. This is almost entirely unedited and unlistened to. I imagine it's probably clean, but I can't actually promise it.

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Tome Ep 162: D&D Comic


The latest version of a D&D comic has been released and in this episode we (Jeremiah McCoy, Chris Heard, Jeff Greiner, and Tracy Hurley) review it. We also discuss at some length the latest news from WotC about canceled books, the death of D&D miniatures...and then we speculate that this will either mean the end of D&D for all time or the announcement of 5th edition.



Pick of the episode - old school D&D comics


Ampersand article (with WotC news) Chris Heard's site Jeremiah McCoy's site D&D Comic's site

and a HUGE thank you to DMSamuel for taking on the editing duties on the last two episodes. He's doing a great job! You know where else he does a great job...his website about gaming. Check it out!


Episode 161 - Meta and Year in Review


In this episode Jeff makes a few big announcements. He and Tracy Hurley review D&D in 2010.



Pick - Hamlet's Hit Points

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