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Tome 160: Jon Schindehette

In this episode Jon Schindehette, the Sr. Creative Art Director for Wizards of the Coast chatted with Tracy and I about the art of D&D.



Pick - ORIGINAL Famine in Far-Go

Pick - 4e D&D Gamma World


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Tome Ep 159: Chacter Builder (web app)

The D&D Insider has made a major update to the Character Builder application, arguably the most popular reason to have a DDI account. Some people love it, some people hate it. I have Aaron Roudabush and Tracy Hurley on to discuss it along with an interview with Trevor Kidd, the Community Manager from Wizards of the Coast. I hope you enjoy!



Noble Knight Pick - Player's Strategy Guide


Character Builder

RPG Musings - where Aaron contributes

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Where to report bugs for the Character Builder

Tome Ep 158: Dungeons

Dungeons are an iconic part of the game, but Tracy hates them. Mike and I take up the task of teaching Tracy the beauty of the dungeon. We discuss some D&D news, get to know our guests, build a dungeon concept for Tracy's game, and then conclude with some advice on how to be a player in a dungeon game.



Noble Knight Pick - Dungeon Delve


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Home Encounters

Sly Flourish - Mike's site (features a recent article about an artifact by Jeff)

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DM Tips Book - by Mike

Sarah Darkmagic - Tracy's site (features a recent article about an artifact by Jeff)

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Junkalator - Gamma World tool from Critical Hits

4Geeks4e - Tracy's on here

DM Roundtable - podcast that recently featured all of the hosts of this episode

Temporary Hit Points - where Tracy writes and Jeff manages (features a recent article by Jeff about a new artifact)

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