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Tome Ep 157: Essentials Part 2

Mike Shea, Tracy Hurley, and Sam Dillon all join me in this episode where we take a look at the second half of the Essentials line including the DM Kit, Monster Vault, Dungeon Tiles Master Set: The City, and Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdom. Also, we had waaaaay too much fun. Oh, and I'm posting on Thanksgiving. Tome listeners and a great game called D&D to make my life more full. That's what I'm thankful for. Hope you enjoy!



Noble Knight Pick of the Episode - Dungeon Tiles: Harrowing Halls


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Tome Ep 156: Worldbuilding with Keith Baker

Keith Baker, creator of Eberron and more joins me for this episode where we talk D&D news, find out what he's been up to, and give advice on Worldbuilding, how DMs can do it and how players can be part of it. Tracy Hurley and Mike Shea also tell us a bit about how they go about building worlds.

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Pick of the Episode - The Queen of Stone

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