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The Tome Ep 155: Halloween One Shot

In this episode I am joined by Thadeous Cooper and we build a one shot adventure to show a bit of how such things can be done. What's more, I edited together all our ideas and am providing them for free. It's a short PDF in the post just before this one and I hope you download it, consider running it, and give me feedback on it.



Picks of the Episode: Ravenloft 2e Module (25th anniversary release), and the new Ravenloft Board Game


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Tome Adventure - Halloween One Shot 2010

Here is the PDF of the One Shot Halloween adventure that I made with my guest in episode 155. Enjoy The Mansion of Madness!

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Tome Ep 154: MasterPlan

MasterPlan is D&D software with a lot of help for DMs to get their game organized. I've been accused of not paying any attention to this program, so to prove that I have nothing against it I called in Andy Aiken, creator of MasterPlan to tell us all about it.



Pick of the Episode - Rules Compendium



Tome Ep 153: Gauntlgrym

In this episode I interview R.A. Salvatore about his latest Drizzt novel, Gauntlgrym. I also had Chad Sutton from the Lords of Tyr podcast join in for a review of the book. This is Stop One on the official Gauntlgrym blog tour for Mr. Salvatore and it comes with a contest and some really fantastic prizes to boot. See below for your first chance to win.



Pick of the Episode - Ghost King


Worldbreaker KickStarter Project

Lords of Tyr

D&D Official Website - It has come to my attention that since recording this episode the novel survey has been removed, sorry guys! :-(

Official Gauntlgrym Blog Tour Contest

The following question relates to the riddle that @Wizards_DnD tweeted earlier today. Solve this question for a prize. And a clue! Because the answer is the first of eight clues that will help you solve the riddle at the end of the week when the online tour wraps up. The first person to comment on this blog post with both the correct answer to the following clue question and his/her Twitter user name wins today's prize. Please note that in order to be eligible you must: 1) Follow @Wizards_DnD on Twitter; 2) Read the official rules and complete the online entry form -- both of which are available at:


FROM WIZARDS OF THE COAST: Visit all the stops during R.A. Salvatore’s week-long Gauntlgrym online tour to find the seven other clues. At the end of the online tour on 10/22/10, put all the clues together, be first to solve the riddle and tweet about it, and win a signed copy of Gauntlgrym and a trip for two to D&D Experience in Fort Wayne, IN. You must include @Wizards_DnD and #gauntlgrym in your tweet. Riddle-solving tweets won’t be accepted until 12:01 a.m. EST on 10/22/10.

UPDATE, 5:00 PM EST: Congrats to Jonathan Westmoreland, the first eligible participant who correctly answered the clue question! Here's the correct answer, since everybody will need it in order to solve the riddle at the end of R.A. Salvatore's online tour beginning 10/22/10. Remember to visit all the other tour stops to find the next seven clues. Schedule, contest details, and official rules are available here:


Tome 152: Essentials Part 1

Basic Set (Red Box), Heroes of the Fallen Lands, Rules Compendium, and Dungeon Tiles Master Set: Dungeon are the topic of conversation. And joining host, Jeff Greiner, in this episode are Tracy Hurley from Sarah Darkmagic, Jared Glenn from the Power Source, and Samuel Dillon from RPG Musings.

Don't forget to swing by in a couple of days (October 17th, 2010) for a special episode with R.A. Salvatore where you can win all sorts of prizes.




Pick of the Episode - Dungeon Tiles Halls of the Giant King



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Tome Ep 151: Legacy of Dhakaan

Geoffrey D. Winn interviews Don Bassingthwaite about his Eberron trilogy, the Legacy of Dhakaan, a series that centers on Eberron's hobgoblin society and involves some pretty massive world-shattering events.

I also mention some news about the October 17th, 2010 episode that I will be releasing about the Gauntlgrym/R.A. Salvatore. There's a prize give-away and exclusive coverage and The Tome Show is a part of the party. Check out the information below and I look forward to seeing you on the 17th!




Pick of the Episode - Secrets of Sarlona


Don Bassingthwaite


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