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Tome Ep 150: Starting a Campaign

I am joined by newcomer Brian Engard and we discuss new campaigns. We build an opening story concept for a campaign to highlight how that process can be done. Then we give advice on how to be an awesome player in a new campaign. Sly Flourish brings us some tips on building an adventure and Sarah Darkmagic tells us about working with your DM to make make things extra sweet.

And hey, check this out!!!




Pick of the Episode - Monster Manual - Lords of Madness Huge Pack (Case - 8 Packs)


Gamecrafter's Guild

Sly Flourish

Sarah Darkmagic

Tome Ep 149: Open Design Update

Matt James and Logan Bonner interviewed each other about their projects for Wolfgang Baur's Open Design Project/Kobold Quarterly. Logan is writing the current 4e patronage project, Lost City, a sandbox adventure about a flying city that crashed and is buried in the sand, while Matt wrote Soldiers of Fortune, a book about mercenaries.



Pick of the Episode - Kobold Quarterly #14



Minor Quests

Kobold Quarterly

SyndCon - DC gaming convention

Tome Ep 148: Psionic Power Interview

This episode is dominated by an interview I conducted with Robert J. Schwalb, lead designer of Psionic Power. We delve into the various chapters of the book and explore the choices made when writing it. Enjoy!



Pick of the Episode - Castle Ravenloft boardgame


Robert J. Schwalb

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