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The Tome Ep 133: Skill Challenge Special

I discuss how to run a skill challenge with Quinn Murphy the At-Will blog and help Tracy from build one for her game with Mike Shea from Sly Flourish.



FRP Pick of the episode - D&D 4e Freeport Companion

Links: At-Will



The Tome Ep 132: D&D Podcast Reviews

There are many D&D podcasts in the world today, and in this episode I'm looking to expose you to a few of them. You will hear about the Official D&D podcast, Icosohedraphelia (if that's how you spell it), Radio Free Hommlet, 3.5 Private Sanctuary/Know Direction, and Critical Hit from Major Spoilers. There are many others out there and if you'd like me to do another show like this looking at podcasts or blogs say the word at the Vorpal Network forums.



FRP Pick of the Episode - Azagar's Book of Rituals


Vorpal Network Forums

D&D's Official Website (including the podcast)


Radio Free Hommlet

3.5 Private Sanctuary

Major Spoilers (with the Critical Hit podcast)

Tome Ep 131: Skill Challenge Advice

Skill Challenges have been a long developing, changing, and debated topic in 4e D&D. This month (April) I am calling Skill Challenge Month and towards that goal I am planning a couple of episodes of how to make them work and be awesome. To those ends, I am joined in this episode by Dave Chalker where we are going to build a Skill Challenge from scratch and talk about how to get the most out of a skill challenge as a player.



FRP Games Pick of the Episode - Plane Above


Critical Hits


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