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The Tome Ep 130: Drow Druid and Picking Monsters

I am joined by Andrew Wilson of Silent7Seven Games and we set out to build a Drow Priestess of Lolth, discuss how to pick monsters for your encounters, and Sly Flourish bring us advice on how to use Divine Power to inspire your DMing.



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Sly Flourish

Jeff's Drow Druid Level 1

Jeff's Drow Druid Level 11

Andrew's Drow Druid Level 1

The Tome Ep 129: Players Handbook 3

To look at the PH3 I called on veteran Tome contributors Will Wong and Quinn Murphy from the At-Will blog. We examined the new races, new classes, and new features, like psionics, hybrid classes, and skill powers. All in all, we decided that this is the "psionics handbook" with some divine and primal thrown in along the way, especially when it came to classes, but that said, there is some GREAT stuff in this book.



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Jeff's Underdark review at Fist Full of Comics and Games

The Tome Ep 128: Martial Power 2

Martial Power 2 is designed to give more options for your fighter, rogue, ranger, or warlord. To see if the book is successful at that I brought in Dave Chalker from Critical Hits as well as Jared Glenn from the Power Source podcast.

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